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Working at Kloosterboer

'I would recommend this trainee career route at Kloosterboer to anyone.'

Pieter-Jan de Lange



Open, eager to learn, reliable, meticulous.


Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters in Supply Chain Management at Erasmus University. Started at Kloosterboer as a trainee in July 2013.


Cars and sport.

My story

I started as a trainee at the Kloosterboer Delta Terminal in Maasvlakte, my first “real” work experience after completing my education. A traineeship is a brilliant way to start when you’ve just graduated and have very little work experience. It’s an excellent opportunity to put the knowledge you gained at university into practice.

I started work under the supervision of the General Manager. You couldn’t make a better start than to be supervised by an experienced person who earned his stripes in the logistics sector. The real value lies in the experience he shares enabling you to get to know everything about the business.

I’ve worked in different departments to familiarise myself with the company and the people. Spending a day working a forklift truck or collaborating on scheduling is a great way to understand how everything works and it’s very different from sitting in a lecture hall. After the initial introductory programme, you then get to work on various projects or manage and supervise a project yourself.

A year later, I began working at the location in Vlissingen where a new project was underway. Working at the different sites is educational and good for your development. You get to know a lot of people within the company and that helps to grow your network. I know I’ll benefit from this later on.

Kloosterboer is characterised by its informal and open work environment. It’s just as easy to approach a manager as it is a forklift truck driver. There is a great relationship between colleagues who are always ready to help or support each other whenever necessary.

Kloosterboer offers you plenty of space to develop and make your wishes known. During the traineeship you receive a wide range of training to help your development and you are coached by the CEO and HR Manager. I would recommend this career route to anyone who has just finished their studies and wants to gain a great deal of experience in a short period of time and  who is looking to get in to a logistics profession with a large network.

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