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Working at Kloosterboer

'I have all the space I want for career development. Iā€™m eager to grasp every opportunity.'

Mark de Graaff

Assistant Supervisor


Meticulous, honest, neat, fair-minded.


Senior secondary vocational education (MBO) in logistics. Started working at Kloosterboer in 2005.


Sea fishing, drinking beer with friends.

My story

As Assistant Supervisor, I am responsible for my “own” warehouse within Kloosterboer. This includes responsibility for things such as temperature in the cold stores and storage of different products. You need to be very diligent in your planning. Not all items can be placed next to each other and there is such a wide range of different products stored including resin, certain spices, seeds and nuts. We have to get everything prepared for incoming products. In fact we have already unloaded four lorries just this morning.

We work as a fixed team of five plus two flexible staff who are brought in when we are extra busy.

In addition to my job as Assistant Supervisor, I also supervise interns - something I really enjoy doing. It is very satisfying when an intern is eager to learn and picks things up quickly.
In my opinion, Kloosterboer is a terrific employer. I have all the space I want for career development including participating in training courses. I’m eager to grasp every opportunity.

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