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Working at Kloosterboer

'I’ve been given every freedom to develop and expand the depot and that’s a satisfying feeling.'

Fred Compeer

Manager, Kloosterboer Container Logistics


Flexible, eager to learn, driven, knowledgeable.


Started working at the port after completing a Commercial Economics degree at the HZ University of Applied Sciences. Has worked in various capacities as well as following in-service training. Has been involved in the development of the container depot in Vlissingen for the past 3 years.


Sport, going out.

My story

I started working at Kloosterboer in 2011 whilst business was undergoing a partial shift from conventional transportation to containers. The company needed to check whether it was possible for Vlissingen to operate as a container depot. It was something entirely new and this is what appealed to me. It’s one thing to do something you enjoy but it’s quite another to be given the freedom to do it the way you see fit. From the start of the project until now, I’ve been given every freedom to develop and expand the depot and thats is a satisfying feeling.

In establishing the container depot, my main goal was to work togther with exporters, importers and carriers so that we could develop new ideas in collaboration. We’ve grown together and have since needed to double our capacity and we have of course, celebrated this with all parties involved. The relationship between Kloosterboer and its customers is very strong and that results in extremely positive feedback and is rewarding.

Not only are relationships with customers strong but so are relationships amongst colleagues. Nobody feels the slightest hesitation in asking for support when something needs to be solved. We have extensive knowledge and expertise across the board in the company and we are therefore able to offer our customers good solutions.

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